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Usenet Access

Usenet (also known as "newsgroups") consists of a large network of computers and servers that exchange user-generated postings. Posts are similar to email messages and web-based posts in that they contain a "subject", "from", "to", and message "body".

Attaining Usenet access is easy; all that is required is newsreader software. Microsoft-based computers come pre-installed with newsreader software known as Outlook Express or Windows Mail. Mac and Linux/Unix operating systems have free newsreader applications available as well.

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Newsgroups contain user-generated content. There are well over 100,000 available newsgroups on Usenet today. Your newsreader software will download a list of newsgroups when it first authenticates to the server. is a "reseller" of usenet newsgroup access. This company does not own or operate usenet servers.