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    Questions with Answers:

1.My ISP no longer offers access to Usenet newsgroups. Can you help me?

A: Yes we can! When you subscribe for Usenet access, you'll receive a log-in (aka username), password and Usenet Newsgroup Server name for your newsreader software. And, unlike your ISP's News Server, you'll be able to access this NNTP Server from any location in the world where you can get Internet access.

Our technical support staff can provide further assistance as needed. Step-by-step instructions can be sent to you as well. We're here to help you!


2. How long do I have to subscribe for? And how do I CANCEL?

A: The minimum length of time is one month; at which point you can cancel any time. And cancellation is easy! Just visit to cancel the rebill of your current account. You can also contact our tech support if you have any problems or questions regarding your account. If you need a copy of your newsgroup log-in and password, you don't have to cancel --just contact us and we'll be happy to provide another copy.

3. Where can I find newsreader software to connect to Usenet?

A: If you use a Microsoft-based computer operating system (Windows 2000, Vista, XP, etc.) then you may already have free newsreader software installed on your computer. In Windows Vista, the newsreader software is combined with "Windows Mail"; in all other operating systems it's part of Outlook Express. Contact our support staff if you need assistance using the built-in newsreader software as step-by-step instructions can be sent to you. If you use non-Microsoft operating systems, see for a good list of free/paid newsreader software.

4. When I go to download a group I do not get as many article headers as my newsreader reports are available, why?

A: Most newsreaders determine how many articles are available in a group by performing a calculation of the difference between the highest and lowest article ID number. Since this is an estimation done by the newsreader software, its not entirely accurate (but it's close).

5. I want to access my Usenet newsgroups account from different locations; is that possible?

A: Once you join our newsgroup service, you'll be given a log-in (username), password and server name to enter into your newsreader software. With that information, you can access Usenet newsgroups from any location where you can get Internet access, in any country.

6. I'm new to Usenet newsgroups; can you help me?

A: Definitely yes! We can provide step-by-step instructions for getting connected to Usenet newsgroups. If you need assistance, email us today!

7. What happens when I reach my usage limit?

A: Your ability to connect to Usenet will pause until the next renewal period. Some newsgroup newsreader software applications tell you when the usage limit has been met. Other newsreaders may report a message similar to "500 syntax error" (which indicates download limit reached as well). If you go over your limit, you will not be charged extra for it.

If you don't want to wait until your next renewal period for the account usage to reset, you can contact newsgroup technical support to let us know to rebill/reset the account immediately. Alternatively, if you want a higher usage limit, that can be set up as well. We're here to assist you - contact us any time!


8. Will there be advertising or signatures added to my posts made through your newsgroup service?

A: No advertising banners or signature add-ons will show on any posts you make through this newsgroup service. The posts will show only the text you enter and nothing more.

9. How do I update my billing information for my account?

A: Contact newsgroup support with your newsreader login so they can provide a secure/encrypted website link where you can update your billing information.

10. Do you support all newsreader software applications?

A: This newsgroup service supports all newsreader software applications available. Some of the more popular newsreaders are Outlook Express, WinVN, Free Agent, NewsReactor, NewsRover, and Xnews.
  11. I don't see an answer for a question I have in this FAQ.

A: Contact Usenet Technical Support today with any question you have! The support staff are happy to assist...
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